Saber Management is a sales and marketing company that was established in 1998 and has since become a recognized leader in the death care industry. The initial funding and strategic vision for the company were provided by Mr. David Sullivan, CEO and Majority Owner. Mr. Sullivan started his career in the cemetery and funeral industry in 1981. For 16 years, he served as Chief Executive of Sales and Marketing for the largest privately held death care company in North America. His leadership skills and industry knowledge proved to be very successful and led him to start his own private enterprise, Saber Management.

Saber was successful in establishing a foothold in the industry within two years through acquisition of four cemeteries and nine funeral homes. What would be called a once in a lifetime opportunity for any company and particularly one that operates in the death care industry became available in December of 2003. Saber Management successfully negotiated an agreement with Rock of Ages to acquire all of its cemeteries located in key markets and regions in the state of Kentucky. The funding for the acquisition was provided in part by the sale of Saber's nine existing funeral homes. Today, Saber provides approximately 10% of the burials for the entire state of KY.

Following the Kentucky properties acquisition, Saber developed and built funeral homes on four of its most marketable cemeteries. These cemetery / funeral operations are known as combination models and offer the best long term growth potential. Funeral service/cemetery combination locations are those businesses in which a funeral service location is physically located within or adjoining a cemetery that we own. Combination locations allow certain facilities, personnel, and equipment costs to be shared between the funeral home and cemetery. These combination operations allow us to be more cost competitive. And because these combination locations operate more cost effectively, we are able to pass along substantial savings to our customers. These combination operations also create synergies between funeral and cemetery personnel. These synergies give families the added convenience of purchasing funeral / cemetery products and services at a single location. And these synergies also allow us to provide enhanced personalized services that create lasting memories.

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