David Sullivan has over 31 years of death care industry experience and is known as the most adept marketing executive in the industry today. David served as Chief Executive of Sales and Marketing for Gibraltar Mausoleum Corporation for 16 years and was directly responsible for its explosive growth. Gibraltar grew from its initial market value of $2 million upon his arrival to a final selling transaction price of $250 million in 1995. As a sales and marketing executive, David personally developed a set of skills, values, and principles that are time-tested and proven successful and imparts those same skills, values, and principles on his current management, sales and marketing teams.

David graduated from the University of Virginia where he played football. Following college, he entered the NFL as a player for the Cleveland Browns. His past athletic background has proven to be very valuable as a CEO. David plays an integral role in fostering the company's culture of innovation and empowering leaders to tap their full creative capacity which provides for game changing results. Within Dave are the thoughts that the fastest way for any organization to fail is to stop executing akin to what he learned during his athletic career.
Dewey Akers is a graduate of Indiana University and a former CPA with an audit background. He has over 23 years of experience in the death care industry and serves as the company's Chief Operating Officer. Dewey's primary focus is the daily operation of the corporate headquarters and all cemetery and funeral properties. He is also charged with budgeting for administrative and maintenance areas of the company. Dewey approves all company related expenses and he maintains electronic cash transfers in and out of the corporate office as well as location based accounts. Dewey is also responsible for the investment advisors he consults and trust accounting for GAAP reporting purposes. The securities in trust have a market value of $31 million. Dewey also provided a means for the company to operate more nimbly by increasing the company's efficiency with respect to its technology systems through the hiring of Justin Hollingsworth, CIO. Justin's in-depth knowledge of technology, as it relates to the death-care industry, has helped take this company to another level.

Dewey continually drives operating discipline and leverages the company's scale through the standardization of processes and the use of key performance metrics for staffing and other operational and administrative activities. He continually examines our purchasing to look for ways to consolidate the supplier base, modify processes and policies for more efficient purchasing, and employ metrics to manage and improve supplier performance. In 2012, he led the development of a new purchase order and accounts payable system to streamline the handling, approval, and payment of vendor invoices as well as provide greater visibility into company expenditures. He also transitioned certain accounting and administrative functions to outsourced providers providing for greater efficiency.
Charlie Rouse has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience in the death care industry. He has had executive sales roles at three of the largest death care industry organizations including Gibraltar Mausoleum Corporation, Service Corporation International (SCI), and Carriage Services. Charlie currently serves as the company's Chief Sales Executive and is charged with the overall management of the sales and marketing functions of the organization. He is also charged with setting policy at all locations. In addition to Charlie's position at Saber, he is a current board member of the Illinois Cemetery and Funeral Association. He also served two terms as President of that association. Charlie also obtained his Private Pilot License in 2007, and has been Saber's sole Corporate Pilot since then. He is currently serving as a Director on the Board of the Western Kentucky Airport Authority as appointed by Justice Van Newburg.
Justin Hollingsworth has served the cemetery and funeral industry for over 19 years and is a recognized cemetery and funeral industry professional. He has a proven track record of applying technology to business processes, driving innovation, and developing world-class solutions that streamline operations and provide cost savings. Justin studied both Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Northern Colorado as well as Colorado State University. He has written software that has been featured on the cover of the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association) magazine and was also honored to be handpicked to teach technology classes at the ICCFA University. He served as the Director of Information Technology at Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, the 2nd largest cemetery in the United States and one of the most prestigious, for over 9 years. Justin also served Gibraltar Remembrance Services for a number of years. While serving there, he led the development of trust fund analysis software that allowed the company to maximize income from funds held in trust. Today, Justin focuses his attention on the strategic goals of Saber Management by supporting the top level functions of the organization and continuing the development of trust fund analysis software.
Rita Augenstein has over 42 years of experience in the cemetery and funeral industry. She began her career in Louisville at Louisville Memorial Gardens. She has served in many managerial and sales positions and actively supports administration, maintenance, sales and funeral division. Rita has served for the Kentucky Cemetery Association for over 40 years on various committees. She has also been President 3 times for the Kentucky Cemetery Association. She is now serving on the board of the SCCFA (Southern Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association). She has served as the Vice President of Administration for Saber Management until recently receiving her new position. On a local level she has served as an officer and board member of the Shively Area Business Association. Rita was elected in 2014 as a council woman for the City of Shively.

Her 4 children and grandchildren have been very supportive of her through the years in her career. She is a very caring and ethical person who strives to help families in their time of need. With that being said she still finds time to do volunteer work. One of her favorite programs is coordinating the Memorial Day program for the Veterans in the community. With the assistance of Heather French Henry, Commissioner of Kenetucky Department of Veterans Affairs, Rita is continuing the Hubert Slusher (her Father) Veterans Trust for the homeless and needy Veterans who have honored us by serving our Country.

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