Cemetery Operations

Saber Management operates 19 cemeteries in 3 states including Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri. All of the cemeteries are operated as Perpetual Care or Endowment Care cemeteries, meaning that each cemetery has a perpetual care fund established in conformity with the laws of each state. Perpetual Care funds are designated for the long term maintenance, repair, and care of each cemetery. And they are a safeguard for families with concerns about the long term care of their loved ones final resting place.

Saber's cemetery products and services include:
  • Mausoleum Crypts
  • Lawn Crypts
  • Private Estates
  • Cremation Niches
  • Traditional Ground Burial Sites
  • Markers, Monuments, and Benches
"Show me the manner in which a nation or a community care for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the law of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals."

William Gladstone

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